You’re sitting on the edge at 4000 m above earth. An absolute spectacular view of the blue scenery.

Your heart is racing. Your adrenalin is pumping throughout your body. A deep breath, then you jump. In only a few seconds you reach terminal velocity of 200 km/h. It is noisy and a strong wind is pushing against you. For about 60 sec. you experience the incredible sensation of flying through the sky.

You're FREEFALLING! Then, a tap on your shoulder and your experienced instructor opens the parachute. An overwhelming feeling is coming over you. You glide down in the silence back to mother earth. Yes, you just did a TANDEM SKYDIVE! These are the moments in your life that should be captured on video/photo for you and for all your friends to see.

Sounds like a dream? But it can become a truth with us.


You can skydive with us on airfield in Most, Pribram, Kolin, Horovice, Ceske Budejovice, Prostejov and Kunovice. Maps here.


The season starts in April and lasts till October. We jump every weekend and during the summer most of the weekdays as well.


Contact us (contact form, mail, phone, Skype, ICQ or SMS) and we will try our best to design Your skydive to meet your special needs and wishes including details about directions and transport.

Who we are?

Emil Franěk
  • sport parachuting studies on FTVS – UK Praha
  • more than 7000 skydives in 34 Year in sport
  • professional parachuting coach of various national teams
  • in 16 Years more than 2500 safe tandem descents
  • Delegate of Czech republic in International Parachuting Commission FAI

Contact us

Mgr. Emil Franěk

Mobile: +420 777 221 058
Email: info@tandemyfranek.cz
ICQ: 591 802 476
Skype: emil22105


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Life is holographic illusion and once again, skydiving confirms it... Cheers, keep the dream alive! Phill - Australia

It was bloody amazing wicked!! Best experience ever!!! Young, UK

So amazing that next time I get in a plane I,m going to want to jump out!! Loved every second :) Dan - Brighton, England

Never had so much fun and been scared shitless at the same time. Michael, NZ

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